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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Special delivery

Our weather got better yesterday. Freezing rain finally stopped. Now everything is melting. The biggest problem now is all the frozen ice that is falling down. We always have problems with falling snow so we take it of the roofs for "just in case". But this time I managed to clean only snow but ice stayed.

I tried to kick it off but it sticks to the roof like glue.
Although this can be very dangerous it looks really nice.

 Last week ice did some damage in our garden. It broke one of our pine trees.

I can't get in the orchard but from the balcony I can see a branch on the floor. I think it's plum branch..

As I said many times I live in a small village and we don't have easy access to everything we need. The biggest problem is food for Nero. Sure there is dog food in every store but Nero hates most of them and they are really overpriced. Dog food costs almost 40% more here than in the city. One of the biggest pet shops in country is almost 50km away so once a month we order food delivery.
Since the roads were icy for almost a week our delivery came today, and Nero went wild. I have a feeling he knows he'll get something so he stands in front of the house all day and cries like a baby when the truck stops in front of our house.
And then the fun starts. He can't wait till the box is opened

When we opened it he started inspecting what he got.

Food cans aren't as interesting as small packages with snacks.

He moves every single package to see everything

While I'm trying to get his food out of the box he starts choosing what he'll eat first. He chose cheese crackers.

But in the end he had to try everything, I think he liked it. :)


  1. Your dog looks happy! The ice and snow looks really pretty.

  2. I'm glad that Nero's parcel arrived and hope that those icicles don't cause too serious a problem.

  3. Beauty on the white, that I have never found here. A nice dog

  4. Nice pictures of snow and ice but I can understand your worry with the roof. You have such a lovely clever dog too. He knows what he wants, haha, and I suppose he is spoiled like my border collie Snarf.
    Have a nice weekend!


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