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Monday, February 24, 2014

Sowing peppers

Sowing season is here!!
After a long and boring break it's finally the end of the February and it's time for sowing.
I've started with my pepper seeds. I've sowed 20 seeds of Sorok sari bell pepper.

50 seeds of "Botinečka žuta" pepper

20 seeds of hot chili peppers , 20 seeds of sweet chili peppers and 20 seeds of Red basket of fire

All my containers will now live on window shelves that we have built for seedlings a few years ago.

To place all containers on shelves I had to remove some of my indoor plants and place them outside.
Last year we planted Coleus in our garden but since it can't survive our winter we replanted some of them in flower pot and  kept it inside the house. It grew really tall, I think it was because of the lack of light but it's still alive. I've cut it a few times over the winter to keep it small and to trigger more leaves.
It's still alive and we'll see how it will react to fresh air.

We've also replanted 3 mini roses. Actually it was one rose that my mum got for her birthday but it had 3 roses inside so we separated them and we hope that all of them will survive and grow in 3 mini rose bushes.

Since the snow is gone I've got the chance to tend my front yard flower bed. The snow did some damage on my lavender bush. 

 So I had to cut almost all of it and tie it till it grows back and forms a flower ball again.

 There is even more damage on my sage bush. Every branch is broken and damaged.

I've had to cut all the branches all the way. Now all I can do is hope it will grow back to being a beautiful bush like it was last summer.

If the nice weather continues I'll start my orchard pruning...well I'll only prune branches that I can reach and my dad will do the rest but still can't wait to roll down the garden again.


  1. Your seedling case look so interesting, it looks like a plastic biscuit case. A good idea. I can reuse biscuit packet boxes next. Thanks

  2. We are ready to set up our growling lights so will be sowing soon too


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