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Friday, February 28, 2014

Pruning orchard

I've started with this years orchard pruning and first thing I have to say is that I have no idea what I'm doing. I've never done this and this is a big challenge for me.Every year my dad pruned trees but since my dad can't do it this year he showed me what to do and I'll prune them.
Since last year our apples were fruitless there is a lot of water sprouts/suckers on every tree so I decided to cut all them off and then prune the rest of the branches.

Another thing that bothered me while pruning was the fact that I'm too short for everything. Our trees are only 2,5 meters tall but even with this height I can reach all branches with normal shears.
I had to use shears that are on tall metal stick and have rope for cutting. This injured skin on my hands so now they are all sore.

I managed to clean all the suckers and now all I have to do is to shorten the remaining branches. There is a lot of waste  from pruning.

Orchard is wet and slippery but also full of flowers.

and weird mushrooms.

 Last fall I've planted corn salad and some lettuce and this is the first time I managed to get in the garden to check it out.

I've also planted some spinach and here it is...

 Oh wait..there is nothing there! Bugs did it again. I've sown 2 whole bags and there is nothing. They ate everything.
If they ate everything during the winter I'm afraid to think what they'll do during the summer.
I think this will be a buggy year.


  1. I tend to prune by instinct - no idea about whether I do the right thing or not but we get fruit so no worries.

    1. I think I'll start pruning by instinct too. All these rules are just confusing me.

  2. When I pruned fruit trees for the first time, I had a book with me, how to prune. Through the years you learn and of course suckers first.
    Wish you happy gardening!

    1. I don't have a book, I read articles on internet and they still haven't made an app how to prune for tablets, so I can't take it with me :D

  3. I also have prunning so many little fruit trees to get hood shapes and productive buds. Your orchard look great with the flowers on the ground


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