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Friday, February 21, 2014

Preparing for sowing

Weather is still a mess. It's still raining and by now half of the country is flooded. Situations like this are probably the only ones when I'm happy we live on the hill. We can't get to the city when there is snow on the roads, we don't have public transportation cause the hill is too steep, walking and gardening is hard and painful for our knees, but at least when there are floods all around we are safe... if we don't get landslides.

Like I said few days ago my pot soil arrived.
Last years results with seedlings were great, sure the heat and bugs did some damage on them when I replanted them to the garden but while they were growing in pots they were strong and healthy. So that's why we decided to get Klasmann pot soil again.

Another reason for purchasing this soil is because it's the only soil for vegetables that we can find in our country. There are some no-name soils for flowers but their quality is so bad that we had to add manure to produce seedlings. Even with manure seedlings were small and needed a lot of time to recuperate from replanting.
Gardeners that produce vegetables for markets have a few brands of soil but I can't get them because I really don't need tons of soil and they don't have packages for domestic use.

I've got most of my vegetable seeds. I'm still waiting for few new varieties of tomatoes, beets and flowers but this is because this varieties can't be bought is stores so I'm buying them from professional farmers. They sell small packages of seeds online. All my varieties of tomatoes came from them. I buy 10 or 15 seeds of tomatoes (they are usually around 1€) and then collect seeds from fruits for next year.

From the seeds I could find in stores I've got Dill
                                                 Cabbage Glora di Enkhuizen
                                                 Beet Cylindra
                                                 Snapdragons multicolor

Peas American Wonder( I still need to buy Progress peas)
Bush beans- Berggold
                    Merville de piemonte (Piedmonte wonder)

Peppers - tomato pepper Botinečka žuta ( Botinec yellow)
             - bell pepper Soroksari
Cucumbers - Levina F1 - pickling cucumbers
                     Southern Delight
Flakee 2 carrot
and Bardowicker parsley

(you can see what happens when you take photos of seeds instead of a walk with Nero)

I think I'll start sowing my peppers on Monday. Peppers need more days to give fruits(110days) so I'll plant them earlier that the rest of my vegetables.
Can't wait.


  1. So sorry for your weather, I can understand you are so excited to start sowing. I have not sown much either, some tomato seeds, sweet peas, lettuces and also snapdragons, all in the conservatory. You have so much room in your garden for all these different vegetables, I envy you. Klasmann's potgrond is quite good, we know that here too. Laughing how Nero lays on the seeds, he behaves like Snarf.

    1. There is not so much room in the garden. I just stuff lots of vegetables together :)
      Nero always does that, there is no way for me to do something without his nose, or paws somewhere near the action.

  2. Our seeds composts have become very variable - it's difficult to find a brand that performs reliably

    1. I remember your post about it a few months ago. And the worst thing is that they all cost the same.

  3. I always have trouble with seed composts, particularly with the finest of seeds. I'm glad you found some that you like to work with. I love sowing seeds. It is always so rewarding when they germinate and you watch them grow. This year I am buying tomatoes because I can pot them up and grow them on until we reach our last frost date. Yes, I'm sure we will have frost again. Hope your snow goes soon.

    1. Oh we have the same problem with frost every year. I hate the end of the April cause I never know if I can plant without fear or not.

  4. You have so various seeds. Your white pepper remind me to my seedling. I sowed 5 varieties of peppers about 4 week ago, but they look don't doing well. I have to sow again.

    1. Don't worry about them. Peppers can look bad and weak for a long time till they start growing again. They can be very moody :)

  5. Sorry to hear about your weather - the weather here, for now, has settled down a little. I haven't done any sowing yet but, like you ,find potting compost not as good as it used to be when it was peat-based.

    1. There is still some stores here that sell peat but it's so expensive that it's just not worth it. With the money I would use for peat I could buy organic vegetables from market and still save some money. And organic vegetables here are over 5€ a kilo.


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