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Friday, February 14, 2014

Hidden beauty

Today we had a first sunny day in weeks so I decided to use it and take a walk with Nero. We started our usual tour on nearby meadows.

I wanted to take photos of primroses on the nearby meadows.

But I heard a strange noise, a babbling sound that was coming from the forest. I know that we have a little creek in the forest but it never makes such noise so I  decided to investigate. Nero was happy I decided to take a longer walk so went running up and down the forest.

We went down the big hill to the place where I usually pick mushrooms. And I couldn't believe my eyes. The path we used to get to the basin is filled with water. There is a small creek in the middle of the path.

I decided to walk further to see it better and the sight was just amazing.

There are even small waterfalls.

The small creek now looks like little river.

Along the creek there are snowdrops and hellebores

With all the beauty there was another thing that surprised me. A part of the hill slided down from all the rain and took together a bunch of trees. The good thing is that this happened when there are no mushroom pickers so nobody got hurt.

It is just amazing how few weeks of snow and rain change once dry and desolate forest into magic water garden.

I think tomorrow I'll take a walk to the other creek, the one we have under our house. I just can't wait to see what surprises I'll find there.


  1. A beautiful creek. I love creek, it's remind me to my childhood.

  2. Lovely waterfall - I hope the creek under your house doesn't cause a problem.


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