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Monday, February 17, 2014

Garden planing

It's been raining whole day and it's the best time to continue this years garden planing. Since I change vegetable beds every year I had to plan beds arrangement for this year.
I have lots of obstacles in planing. Part of the garden is always in shade and part of the garden has 10 hours of sun and temperatures over 35°C.
So my plan for this year is similar to last years.

The only big change is that vegetables that were on upper part of the garden are now on lower part, and lower are on the upper part. I'm planing to protect my peppers from the wind with tomatoes on each side and with millet to give them shade.
Also I'm not planting pole beans anymore, well actually I am but only on my fence. I will not buy new seeds. I have some old seeds that I will try to grow on the fence. If they grow great, if not no damage.. I'll plant lots of bush beans and kidney beans(Borlotto).
Another thing that I will do differently is that I'll plant cabbages, kale and lettuce seedlings on parts of beds that are free and not leave whole bed for them.
Directly sown cabbages, kale and lettuce aren't giving any results anymore. Bugs eat my seeds before they get the chance to germinate so I will plant seedlings instead of seeds.  I'll also try to grow some leek from seedlings, and double the amount of zucchini seedlings.

This year I decided to sow only annual flowers. I have enough perennials and for now I don't plan to plant them. I'll just directly sow :Marigold, Calendula, common Morning glory, Zinnia, Aster, Sweet William catchfly, Ageratum, Cleome, Snapdragons and Mexican aster.

I've also ordered mix of annual vine flowers that I plan to use for shade in my front yard.

All the seeds that I've ordered should come this week and tomorrow I'll get my seed compost.
Gardening season is warming up :)


  1. Annual flowers on our plot this year too - looking forward to a colourful display

  2. You have make a great plan for your garden. You have a wide land to be a wonderful garden. I'm really jealous about it :-(


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