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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Here comes the snow

My complaining finally called the snow. It's amazing how just few days ago I was walking Nero up and down the meadows...

...and today we are swimming in snow.

On Friday we had 24 hours snow blizzard with heavy wet snow. The snow was so wet that it broke most of the electricity and phone wires. Luckily our village has a "power ring" that connects us to other villages so we can get the power really fast. We were without power and heating only 3 hours. Some of the villages weren't so lucky so some of them were without it for 36 hours of more.There are also lots of broken trees. This blizzard got us 20cm of snow.

Sunday was sunny but really really cold. Temperatures were below -15°C. I've spent the whole Sunday shoveling.
Monday brought us new snow. This time snow was fluffy so it was easier to clean it. We got new 10cm of snow.
Our biggest problems right now are icicles and where to place all the snow so it doesn't get in the way.

Icicles are starting to get really big and dangerous so everyday I kick them off the roof with a really long pole. An hour of hard work but at least I can be sure nobody will get hit in the head with falling icicle.
As for the snow, I'm building hills around the yard and filling my flowerbeds with it.

Birds are having a rough time, with this snow to so they are becoming regular guests on our balcony. They come to eat everyday. They even let me take pictures of them. With the windows closed but still...they stay and eat like I'm not there.

Tomorrow we are expecting new snow. We'll see how much we'll get this time.


  1. Crikey that is some amount of snow and shivery cold too especially if the heating is off for 36 hours. I our parts that amount of snow would be called a national disaster,

    1. Here it is called "oh it's your problem for moving out of town" :D

  2. The snow looks very beautiful and cold. I hope it doesn't do too much damage. No proper snow yet where I live in Northern Ireland.

    1. Don't call it twice. I was calling for the snow and now I can't wait for it to melt :)


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