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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer is over

People in my country say that after a first nice rain in August the summer is over. Again this was true. After the last few rainy days we had morning temperatures have dropped below 15°C, and daily temperatures are around 20-25°C. Sure some of my plants love this weather, but some of them don't.
My tomatoes have stopped ripening and they are starting to get sick. Wet soil and low temperatures are great for Phytophthora or as we call it "plamenjača." It's too late to cure it so there is only one thing to do: Collect all the tomatoes and pull out the plants. Out of 100 poles with tomatoes(2 seedlings on every pole) only 15 are still without any traces of disease and with enough healthy tomatoes.

 So today I had a busy day. I pulled out all sick tomato plants(and the ones without fruits on them), pulled out the poles and got them from the garden to the house. I don't even have to say I almost died dragging all of them up the hill.

I got a full bag of green tomatoes home. Now we'll leave them here to ripen. This year we're trying 2 ways. The way we always use- ripening on the sun, and ripening in the bags. We've read somewhere that fruits ripen faster in bags with holes so we'll try that this year.

Like I said before some of my plants love this rainy weather. My flowers look better now then they did in whole summer.
Sedum has huge beautiful pink flowers





Soon I'll have to start deep digging my garden and then the summer will really be over.

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  1. Our tomatoes are just starting to ripen so I hope they don't stop just yet!


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