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Monday, September 16, 2013

Every day poop walk

Every person that has a dog knows that dogs like every breathing thing need to poop. So does my dog. And twice a day. So every day we take a mile walk so he could do his business. I take him in the morning and my dad in the afternoon. So today I decided to take some photos while we were walking to show you the my village.

Our trip starts in front of our house where he jells at me for being too slow. Every day it's the same thing. I put his harness on him and then he starts whining and houling. He is so loud that one day somebody will think that I'm abusing him when the fact is that he is jumping on my back while I'm trying to put on my shoes.

Then he runs in front of me marking every single spot

Until we get to the woods. He is a good dog in the woods. Maybe because he gets scared really easy.

Here he doesn't go far from me. He just spends his time searching for who knows what while I search for mushrooms, snail shells, interesting leaves...

He even has a his little bowl of water. Actually it's an tree stump that fills with water but he seems to like it.

But like I said I'll be talking about my village. Well I live in a place that has around 300 villagers. It's settled on hills( the highest one is 300m) and it's around 3 km2 long. The capital city of Croatia(Zagreb) is only 20km from us so the number people that live here is growing every day. It seems that more and more people like the silence and forests.
After Nero and I leave the forest we continue our walk on our road.

 You will notice that there are no houses here. In most of the west part of the village where we take walks building is forbidden. Last 2 houses are our house and our neighbors. The only thing that can be built here is as we call them "vine houses." Little wood houses that don't have any water,electricity or solid walls. Just a cabin with enough room for people to hide from storm when they are working in their fields.

The road is really steep but at least we have asphalt now. Until 2 years ago this was a dirt road and it was almost impossible to travel in winter.

When we get on top of the hill there is a big willow tree that marks the highest place. It's here since I was a little girl. And when you stand next to it you get the best view in the village.

Remember I said that my garden is inside the forest. Well here it is. The little red dot is our house and the garden is under the house. You can see that it's completely covered with trees. No wonder nothing grows like it should.

And here are more photos of all the forests that are around us.

  On the other side of the willow tree is an old chapel that marks the end of our village and the spot where Nero and I turn around.

And the reason is simple..first house in the next village has 2 huge dogs that bark like crazy when we walk in front of them so we don't like to upset them. Well I don't, Nero loves it, so he stands next to the chapel till they see him and start barking and then he walks away.

The tree in next to the chapel

We take the same road home(my village from the top of the hill)

Only instead of going in the forest we walk on the road all the way.

Meadow in the middle of the way where Nero plays with other dogs.

And a final climb to the home.

 This was the west part of my village. The east part will have to come some other time.


  1. What a lovely place to live - bet you get lots of wildlife

    1. Only deers,rabbits and birds. Luckily we don't have any dangerous animals here.

  2. I was browsing blogposts when I discovered "Rolling down my garden". Nice you showed us your dogwalk in a lovely looking village on Croatia. I love my garden, but also my early morning dogwalks with Snarf, the border collie. I will be a new follower.

    1. A warm welcome to you and Snarf :) I'm glad to have you here.

  3. You live in such a beautiful place, it must be so peaceful there and the air must be really refreshing :)

    1. Not so peaceful as it seems. Every month we get more people here. Weekends are mad. But it's more peaceful than in big cities.


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