2017 Harvest

Friday, September 13, 2013

Crazy weather strikes again

After the last rain I decided that today would be a nice day for planting. So I gathered my bags with lettuce,onions and spinach and went planting.

I've planted 13 rows of Matador spinach

5 rows of onions

and lettuce ( Pancalieri, Nansen and Vegorka)

I also got home some beans

Peppers and a zucchini

So now you are wondering what's with the title...Well this is...

(yes my hands are still brown from walnuts)
This afternoon we had another hail storm. We didn't expect this one cause nobody said we would have a storm. It came out of nowhere and was ravaging for about 30 minutes.
I have no idea how my vegetables are doing. I can't get in the garden but the whole garden was white from hail.

This photos were taken almost half an hour after the storm and the hail was still here.

This year every time we start getting nice harvests something happens and my plants get killed. I only hope the damage will not be too big.


  1. Your weather seems to go from one extreme to the other - hope everything survived the hailstorm ok.


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