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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Collecting mushrooms

This week was a bit slow. We had some hot days so I didn't feel like gardening. I spent my days walking around the forests with Nero.
At this time of the year forests are full of mushrooms. There are lots of kind of mushrooms but we pick only 3.

Caesar's Mushroom (amanita caesarea)-Red(orange) mushroom that grows in egg

Penny buns (Boletus edulis) - Very popular mushroom and for this reason it's hard to find them here(people pick up every single mushroom)

And my favorite Parasol mushroom - Macrolepiota procera

I love parasol mushrooms for many reasons. First they are really easy to find. You can spot them from a big distance and that is a great thing when you go mushroom hunting with a dog that is pulling you around all the time.
Second they are really really good for cooking. Some mushrooms can be hard for the stomach but parasol mushrooms are very light.

Here in my country we don't have shaggy parasols and false parasols so there is really no danger in collecting them cause all of parasol mushrooms that grow here are edible. There have been cases of people confusing parasol mushrooms and Death cap( Amanita phalloides) although I really can't understand how can somebody mistake a little green mushroom with 40cm parasol mushroom.

Parasol mushrooms are huge mushrooms that look like white parasols.Like I said they can grow over 40cm. As you can see on this photo, the mushroom I found was 37cm.

Parasol mushrooms also have a big ring that moves up and down the stipe.

Another thing that helps to identify them is that when you turn the mushroom stipe in circle gills have a brownish tone.

I really like to collect parasol mushrooms. This is my loot over this last week.

When I gathered all the mushrooms we got this year we got  5 kilos of mushrooms. It's a nice amount for the next year. Our freezer is filled with mushrooms.

I'll try to collect more if the weather gets better, it's raining like crazy today.
Also I apologize for bad photos. My camera died so I have to use my phone till I fix my camera.


  1. Delicious collection of parasol mushrooms. You have a great knowledge of mushrooms. I am afraid I do not know much of them and I should not dare to eat my own collected mushrooms. I am afraid most mushrooms growing in our country are poisenous.

  2. What a great selection of mushrooms you have collected. I only know three safe types to eat but my favourites are field mushrooms which are delicious fried in butter and put on toast.


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