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Monday, September 23, 2013

Cleaning up

Well as I expected after all the rain we had this gardening year is over. We still harvest beans and carrots but the rest is over.
I had to pull out the rest of the tomatoes cause they are getting sick like the ones I pulled out  before.

This was really difficult to do cause of the wet soil. Even though there was no rain last few days the garden is still as wet as it was before.

Since I have only a month to deep dig the whole garden I've started cleaning up the beds so I could get started with deep digging.
I pulled out all the tomatoes

and poles and removed them from the garden. Tomato plants are in the compost bin and poles in the shed with the rest of them.

Now I have 3 beds for deep digging. After them I'll remove the peppers and harvest the carrots. I really hope I'll finish with digging before November because after October we have big chances of snow.

There was still a lot of tomatoes on the plants so I got them home, maybe they'll ripe here. I also got some beans and few peppers.

Slowly I got close to the time that I absolutely hate in gardening-deep digging. A month of hard and never ending work.


  1. Our soil is still fairly dry but we are now pulling up and generally tidying.

    We leave our carrots in the ground over winter and just dig up what we need.

    1. I would love to do the same with my carrots but it's impossible to get in the garden over the winter. Sometimes we have over 2 meters of snow inside.

  2. Ah, my tomatoe plants have disappeared to the compostheap too. The green tomatoes are on the windowsill waiting for the sun, maybe they become a bit red. But oh, deepdigging, not my favourit chore either, with you a lot of success!

    1. I'm sure they will turn red. mine turn red but lose taste. They become a big red rubber :)


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