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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Brown fingers

Guess what I've been doing...

Yes I've been cleaning walnuts. Every year we left them on the tree till they fell down and then we collected them. But recently we noticed that we have a squirrel family that lives next to our walnut tree. So this year we decided to collect walnuts while they are still in their green husk before we end up with a garden filled with empty nuts.
We got half of the walnuts home and the rest will be ready in about a week.
Since I don't like cleaning walnuts when the husk turns brown I used a knife to cut the green husk and get them out.

I couldn't get all of them. So some of the nuts will have to stay in husks till they ripe enough.

But most of them are clean and when they dry a bit I'll leave them to ripe in potato bags.

I have also finished deep digging one of my beds. The weather guys said we will have rainy week so I finished this before so the soil would be well prepared before planting my winter vegetables.


  1. I remeber the taste of fresh walnut, when the brown skin just peels off and you can enjoy the sweet white inside...
    Now I only buy those in a pack :/ and they are rather dry!

    1. I can't eat walnuts (my stomach doesn't like them) so I'm like you...I just remember the taste :)

  2. Walnuts how exciting - those would cost a fortune to buy in the shops.

    1. They are 10€ for a kilo here. But almost every house has a walnut tree so nobody buys them :)


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