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Friday, August 2, 2013

Rain please

Like every week today was potato digging day. Every week I dig out around 5 kilos (11lbs) of potatoes. We use them for everyday cooking. Last few times potatoes were nice, a little small but healthy. And this time...harvest was pitiful.

I harvested 5 kilos like always. But the potatoes are small like marbles and the ones that are a little bigger look like this.

 Most of my potatoes have bites on them. I hope that it will be the situation only in the first row (the one I was digging): maybe if they eat enough in this one they will leave the other 4 intact.

I'm sure the fact that we didn't have a decent rain in almost 2 months also doesn't help my potatoes. All this time I have been watering the garden every few days but with the heat we're having (we're back at 36°C) it doesn't help much.

The soil is starting to crack in the whole garden.
(yes that is a tomato inside)

 Some of my cracks are so deep that I have a feeling they are cracks in the universe, and the Doctor isn't here to help. I understand he needs to take some vacations every now and then but he could at least drain his TARDIS swimming pool over my garden to help seal the cracks.

My harvest is every day the same. Yesterday I had 1,5 kilos of tomatoes, 2 kilos of beans and 500gr of blackberries.

And today 500gr of blackberries, 2,5 kilos of tomatoes, 200gr of cucumbers and few carrots.

I should start picking some of my baby carrots to make room for others to grow big but I can't pick them. The soil is so hard the only thing I get while plucking is a full hand of carrot leaves.
We really need some rain...fast.

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  1. Wow! 5 kilos of potatoes per week! That's great! What would suffice us :)

    Great harvests :)


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