2017 Harvest

Monday, August 5, 2013

Heat is back

Well we're cooking again. Temperatures are back over 38°C and gardening is reserved only for early mornings. This heat has taken out all humidity out of the soil so we're using sprinklers now. We're watering our garden one hour a day. Hopefully this will preserve the plants.

My beans are out. I was surprised to see that they got this big in just 2 day. I hope they will continue to grow like this. Maybe I will have more beans :D

Watermelons like the heat. There are 10 little watermelons. The size is from tennis balls to small handball balls.

Today I took out my onions and garlic. The harvest is pretty bad. The onion heads didn't grow. There are only few of them that are big. The rest is pretty small. I got 3,5kilos of onions and 400gr of garlic.

At least my tomatoes are getting better every day. Today's harvest is 3 kilos.

I also got 300gr of blackberries and beans and 400gr of cucumbers.

This year there is extremely small amount of cucumbers. At this time normally we had 50 jars of pickles and now we don't even have 10.
The ones I planted in April are just standing, they don't grow at all. I'm hoping that the ones I planted in June will give us some cucumbers or this year we'll be without pickles.

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