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Friday, August 30, 2013

Guess who's back :)

 Ok so I took some vacations. A bit longer vacations. Actually to be honest there wasn't much work in the garden cause of the heat so I decided to relax and take some time off. It doesn't mean the garden wasn't growing...well actually it does. my last post was about surviving the heat, well that is all my garden was doing this past few weeks. Surviving. The heat was unbearable, so we didn't have lots of harvests. Basically everything was in some kind of stasis until a week ago.
Last Friday we got first real rain. Thanks to the last cyclone we got a month amount of rain in a week. Till last week amount of rain was 5mm and today is 128,5mm. Yes we got a lot.
And my garden seem to love it.
My beans are getting bigger everyday, peppers are looking better. Even my cucumbers are growing better.
Like I said there was lots of rain this week so today was the first day I could get in the garden.

I was really surprised to find my old bush beans(which I forgot to pluck out) were blooming again.

They even have beans on them

The reason I was so surprised is that here beans die after first harvest. The weather conditions don't let them bloom for the second time. I have no idea why they did this year. Maybe because I planted them late this year. They look awful but they still produce.

The beans I planted few weeks ago are also looking great.

Except it seems they are pole beans and not bush beans. Yet another seed that was labeled wrong.

I didn't wander around more cause the soil is still too wet for walking. You get tired easily when you have a kilo of mud on every boot.

So I did my harvest and went home. And today's harvest is: 2kilos of tomatoes
                                                                                         1 kilo of cucumbers
                                                                                          500gr of peppers
                                                                                      and 200gr of beans

And then there's this. Some of my tomatoes got damaged from too much rain.Luckily there weren't many so there will still be enough of the good ones. And this ones have already been used in  lunch.

So all I can say is. I'm back and garden is alive again  ☺

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