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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Collecting flower seeds

After more than 5 months of garden work I was forbidden to garden today. It's not like I had lots of work but today I wasn't the one that did the harvest.
So I had to find something else to do. I realized that it would be a good time to collect my flower seeds. I've been saving my plants and letting them dry and now it was the time to get the seeds out. 

I had some Nigellas 



some Digitalis and Columbines. I have to say I had no idea Saponaria has so small seeds. I'm never taking it's seeds again. It doesn't fall out so you have to open the pod to take the seeds, and seeds are too small. I have a feeling more seeds ended up under my fingernails than in the bottle.

When I finished this was the result:
Big bag-Columbines
L to R: Linaria, Digitalis, Saponaria, Nigella and Polemonium

I was doing this outside and I have to say I don't even want to imagine what my neighbors thought when they saw all this medicine bottles aligned and filled with strange powders :D

There is finally some blooming flowers in my garden. Canna lily has it's first flowers.

It's probably the only plant that loves this heat. It's 1,6m (5'2") without the flower right now and soon it will cover the whole window.


  1. I have yet so many flower seeds from last year, that I'm not planning to collect anything this year.

    You have so many nigella seeds! All bag! :)

    1. I'm just trying to collect as much as I can this year. With my luck everything will freeze over winter and there will be nothing left :D

  2. Seed collecting! How fun! I have often thought of doing that, but I guess in the end, I'm just too lazy. But having bottles of mysterious powders to display sounds like a fun bonus!

    1. Lol yes, especially when you have nosy neighbors. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole neighborhood starts keeping their kids away from me :D :D

  3. Well you have been busy - lots of seeds to sow for next year - I collect quite a few every year, but sometimes forget to use them.

    1. Oh this happens to me too. Or I forget to label the seeds and then I have no idea what's in the bag :)

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