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Friday, July 12, 2013

What's wrong with my peppers?

Well nothing much. They are growing nicely, they have nice peppers and here we come to the problem.
This spring I planted Amanda, Madonna, Botinečka yellow and sweet chili peppers.
Well here they are:
Sweet chili pepper

Amanda pepper

Madonna pepper

Botinečka yellow

And then we have this

A whole bunch of this peppers (around 100 seedlings). Pretty green NOT WHAT I WANTED peppers.
Now I guess there was a mix-up with Botinečka yellow seeds. And since I planted 2 bags of Botinečka pepper I thought they got one bag wrong. But noup...I always plant 2 seedlings together and the funniest thing is that I have different peppers from the same bag.

 And they even have the nerve to talk on TV and tell people not to buy seeds online cause you won't know what you get and in their stores you can never get wrong seeds. They check every bag. Stinkin' liars.
I bought potatoes in the store and got 3 different kinds, I bought yellow peppers in store and got this green things. I swear I'm even afraid to look at my climbing French beans. Who knows what I'll get when it blossoms.

Harvest is slim today. I only got 1,2kilos (42oz) of blackberries

and some dwarf beans. This are the ones I planted long long time ago and forget about them. I wouldn't even remember them if I wasn't weeding around and saw them hiding between weeds. Who knows what else I will find hiding around.

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