2017 Harvest

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Potato harvest

Today I dag out my first potatoes. When I started with the first row I was really disappointed cause all of the potatoes were really small, they looked like little marbles. But when I got to the middle they were getting bigger and bigger.

I dag out 12 plants of potatoes (around 1/5 of my potato bed). And I've got all sizes of the potatoes, from small to very big. Bugs didn't eat much so most of them are looking really healthy.

 I've got 4,5kilos (10lbs) of potatoes. So I guess if the rest of the potatoes are looking like this I'll get around 25kilos of potatoes this year.

I had a good harvest today. I also got a zucchini, first garden tomato, few cucumbers, 10 green peppers a few carrots( just to see how they look) and 1,3 kilos (3lbs) of blackberries.

A few days ago my dad got us some pears. There were around 5 kilos of them so we decided to make some jam.

We've used the same recipe as we did last year and this year we got 12 jars of jam. 6 jars of chocolate and pear jam and 6 jars of pear jam(same recipe only without chocolate)

By the looks of it we'll have a good harvest year.

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