2017 Harvest

Friday, July 5, 2013

Pea harvest finished

I'm officially done with my peas for this year. This year was a bit weird but the harvest was nice in the end. With today's harvest I got a total of 4,3 kilos (150oz) of peas.

Also I got home one pretty zucchini, 200gr(7oz) of blackberries and 200gr of cucumbers.

Since there will be rain tomorrow I pulled out all the pea plants and used them to mulch my peppers.
It will be great in a few days when the heat hits again.

Now I have 2 empty beds. I'll wait for tomorrows rain and then dig them and plant beans.

My yucca is blooming finally!

 Like I said a few days ago begonias have gone wild. They have grown all over the back yard so my mum pulled some of them out. We got a nice vase of flowers and my other flowers got the room to grow.


  1. Goodness - peas finished already! Mine are just starting to form peas a little behind you. No sign of any courgettes yet but the raspberries are starting to produce. It's a great time of year for produce isn't it.

    1. To be honest I would rather if my fruits came a bit later. It's too hot here and that's why we get them early. But that means also that we get less fruits than we would in a colder climate :)

  2. Like Elaine we are just starting our pea harvest too!


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