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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lazy week

I'm really not doing much in the garden this last few days. First I did everything last week, second I have problems with my left leg again so I have a problem with walking and third I'm too lazy to do anything.
It's just one of those weeks when after a month of psychical exhaustion with problems at home, weird gardening start and troubles that other people stuff on your back I just don't feel up to anything. I feel like I'm all drained up. I do what must be done and that  is all.

One of the things that had to be done was cutting my Sage. It got too big and was starting to smother all the plants around it.
I planted Amaranths next to it and only one of them has enough room to grow. Others are covered with sage leaves and have stopped growing.

I didn't cut all the branches, only enough to make a room for other plants to grow.
I will dry the ones I had to remove. The rest will be there till it blooms and then I'll gather that too.

There is no work in the garden for now. Only pea and cucumbers harvest.
Peas are almost over so I will get rid of them this week and plant beans instead. Cucumbers have started nicely. Every couple of days I get more and more of them. And this is only from the plants that were planted earlier. The ones that I planted in May are still waiting but if everything will be ok we will have lots of cucumbers this year.
Raspberries are also almost done, but blackberries are starting so we will have fruit harvest almost every day.

Lavender has opened the rest of the flowers so I harvested them too and made a braid from it.

I will hang it in my bedroom. I will be really nice waking up with the smell of Lavender

Yesterday while I was sitting on my balcony doing nothing I noticed something on our meadow.

It came from the forest ignoring me completely and focusing on the grass.

Every year we get lots of visits from roedeers. They love our mowed grass. Actually that is one of the reasons our garden has a tall fence. They like to eat everything including the vegetables so we had to stop them. But they still come to the meadow to eat fresh grass. There is a lot of them here. None of our neighbors touch them so they are not afraid. They even walk on the roads in the morning.

My camera wasn't strong enough to get a better picture and when I went to get one from the yard buck just looked at me and walked back to the forest. I'm sure he'll be back really soon.

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