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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's better to be on the wrong side

We survived yesterday. After a really hot day around 6pm came the wind. A really strong wind. There was almost no time to gather things before they get damaged. Luckily we thought it would be this way so we gathered our plants in the morning. The wind was coming from the south so it finally paid to be on "the wrong side of the street". Our house and garden are on NE side so the wind didn't get them. It was also a good thing(for once) that the forest is right next to us so it stopped the wind gusts.

I tried to get a video but there was no time to get my camera(and somebody should remind me to charge the batteries) so I took videos with my phone. The resolution is rubbish. But you can see how strong was the wind and in between my garden still as a mouse :)


On the other side of the street things were looking like there is a war. Since most of the houses around my house are weekend houses there was nobody home to pick up the stuff they left outside. There were flying benches, olive trees rolling around together with their pots, empty pots, bowls, roof tiles. Our neighbor was left without a part of the roof.
Once my batteries were charged(today) this was the result of the yesterdays  "party."
The only damage in our yard is my Morning glory. I tied it up so it would make a shade in front of my window. Now it's not making one. I placed it back on the wall but I had to cut parts of it so who knows if it will survive and bloom.

And on "the right side of the street" things are looking a bit different.

Trees trees everywhere.

Some of them are ready for removing. There was nothing left of them.

The only good thing was that we didn't have any hail. We didn't get any rain also but we will survive this...somehow.

Since there was no damage in my garden I just went and did my harvest like every other day.
I picked up 2 kilos of tomatoes. Some cucumbers, blackberries and a few baby beets (just pulling out the ones that were too small)

I have 2 new varieties that are ready for harvest:
Giant Belgium

and Družba

As you can see I pick my tomatoes when they turn orange and not red. The reason is simple. In a downhill garden if you leave your tomatoes to turn red you'll be searching for them somewhere at the end of the garden. As soon as they get close to maturing they fall off. And I don't like looking for my tomatoes like going to the mushroom hunt. :)

Today I also had to pick all my peppers. I got 2 kilos of peppers.
I know that I should leave them to turn red but here that is just not possible.

 This is why:

As soon as my peppers start changing color they rot. The reason is of course our weather. The nights are cold and the days are too hot. They need to long time to turn red and instead of it they get cooked by the afternoon sun. So I pick all of them up before they turn red. Better green peppers then no peppers at all :D


  1. I harvest my tomatoes at first blush too, but for a different reason: Squirrels. Those little critters will steal all of my tomatoes if I don't pick them quick. Your harvest looks wonderful and should ripen nicely.

    1. Squirrels like to eat tomatoes? I had no idea about that. I've seen blackbirds feasting on my tomatoes but I didn't know squirrels like them. I'll be extra careful now. I have a forest full of squirrels right next to the garden :/

  2. Do you get lots of violent winds? I'm glad you came through it almost unscathed.

    1. We had a few really bad storms this last 10 years. We get them at least once a month (over the summer) and every week over the winter. The winter ones are better. There's not much outside at that time so there's no damage :)


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