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Monday, July 29, 2013

Garden boiling up

This last few days we are experiencing this years highest heat wave. Basically we are boiling up. Yesterday we had temperatures around 37°C and today they will be even higher.
Weather guys are saying 39°C (102F) today.

The only good thing this last few days was that the nights were a bit cold (13- 16°C ) so we were able to sleep. Yesterday we lost that privilege too. I don't know the exact morning temperature but it was a really hot night.

You are probably wondering how are we gardening now. Well we don't. The only thing I do in the garden is harvesting and nothing else. Yesterday I tried some weeding, but I started to feel nauseous and I gave up after 20 minutes. Today I went to the garden at 8am to do my harvest.
I got 500gr of sun cooked blackberries, 300gr of French beans, 2 kilos of tomatoes, some plums and 3 kilos of bush beans.

I managed to clean half of the bed with bush beans. The other half needs few more days to be ready for the harvest.
I'm planing to plant some more French beans on this bed. But I didn't see the point in planting them in this weather conditions.

I don't even have to say that it was hot as hell whole morning. I got home soaking wet from the sweat and it's not like I was doing something heavy. I was only bending and pulling the beans out :D

This morning even my Morning glory didn't open. It stayed half closed whole morning.

When I sat at my computer I realized the reason why I was sweating like a pig. As you can see the temperature is 33°C (91F) and it's not even the noon.

And we are red..really red...There are alerts all over the internet. Some scream about the temperature, but I'm more concerned about this one:
Locally strong showers with lightening and hail possible.

And since this cyclone is coming from the direction of the Alps it's almost impossible that we won't get some kind of storm. So I've hidden all the flower pots and chili peppers, tied everything that could fly and now we are waiting.
Lets just hope the storm will bring only rain.


  1. It's cooler and rainy here at the moment. Thank goodness we don't get temperatures as high a you do!

    1. I always envy how you have so great temperatures in your country :(

  2. You must be suffering in that heat - but at least you seem to be getting plenty of stuff to harvest - hope you survive the storms and nothing gets too damaged.

    1. We get a lot cause we plant too much :) But the harvest would be so much better if we had temperatures below 35°C

  3. That is very very hot weather! I wouldn't be able to do much in that heat either. Your harvests you've posted (last blog post) look really good.

    1. Yes, thankfully tomatoes love the heat so they are always here. :D


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