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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Chewed carrots

Since there is no work in the garden right now (except the harvest part). I decided to see how my carrots are doing. I will not even start on parsley cause I don't have any. I plated 3 bags of seeds and there is nothing left. The bugs ate everything. I thought my carrots should be good since there is a lot of leaves on top. Also the part of leaves that goes in the soil looks strong.

And this is what is happening under the ground. Carrots are pretty big, they are still slim but they are making progress. But as you can see they are chewed up. I don't know what to do with this damn bugs anymore. I have a feeling they will eat them up before I get the chance to harvest them.

I didn't even want to see how the rest of the plants look. It's just so frustrating. Bugs eat half of the things I plant. The only thing they don't touch are the plants that grow fruits on top of stems.
So that means I had another harvest of peas (1,10 kilos) and raspberries (200gr) with 4 blackberries. I also got 5 cucumbers.

There aren't much flowers in the garden right now. It's too hot so most of them are gone or haven't bloomed yet.

My begonias are the only ones that are in full bloom right now.

They are yellow, and I really don't like yellow color. When we bought them they were red and yellow but over the years only yellow survived. So now i have lots of yellow flowers.

My yucca still hasn't bloomed. I have no idea when it will. I'm waiting for her all the time. It will be second bloom on this yucca and we have it for more than 10 years so I'm really excited about seeing it.
I hope it will bloom soon.

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