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Friday, July 26, 2013

Big harvest

I said a few weeks ago that I will not plant anything else this year. Well I was wrong again.
I decided to plant more bush beans. Every year after I get out the potatoes I'm left with one big empty bed. So this year I decided to plant beans. Hopefully they will have time to mature. Well we can't know without trying.
So today I harvested 6 kilos (13lbs) of potatoes and instead of them I planted bush beans.

And of course our shops don't sell beans anymore so I couldn't buy the ones I wanted so I got a new variety: "Supernano giallo"
We'll see if they will be good.

Like I said in the title I had a big harvest today.
I got 2 kilos of tomatoes (4 lbs) , 1,2 kilos (2,6 lbs) of blackberries, 200gr (0,4lbs) of french beans and 1,2 kilos of bush beans

Not only my garden is producing vegetables. My front yard also has fruits. My chili peppers are growing every day.

I have chili peppers (we call them hot pepperoni)

And red basket of fire.

I harvested a nice amount. I know I should let them turn red but then they will stop blossoming. So I'm collecting them when they turn hot enough for my family to eat them. When they stop producing peppers I will let the last ones to turn red.


  1. Wow! I envy such an excellent harvest! I wish I had this hot pepper seeds, the purple ones look great, and they're so small, I bet they're great for pickling!


    1. yes they are really good( we already ate one little jar) but they aren't as hot as I thought they would be.

  2. You are getting fantastic harvests - I think there is plenty of time to get some late beans and with your veg growing skills I am sure you will succeed.

    1. I hope so. But with the heat we're having I have my doubts :/

  3. It's always worth a try - what have you to lose except to cost of the seed!

    1. Lol well seeds cost 5€ so it will be a significant lose :) but at least if it doesn't work I'll know not to try it again. :D


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