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Monday, July 8, 2013

Beans again

 We had lots of rain last 2 days. And I can say we needed this rain. I was able to plant my beans today. For the first time this year soil was really great for seeding. It was as soft as a butter. I dag 2 beds in less than 30 minutes(usually takes me 2 hours). It only took 2 diggings, 2 months of peas and a new rain to make the soil soft again :)

I planted 500gr of Trešnjevac bean.

This is the last planting I'm doing for this year (except flower seedlings). There is no point in planting anymore cause there will be no time for plants to mature.
This rain also brought back my dear garden companion: weeds.
I swear they grow overnight. One day everything is clean and the next Hello! They are back.
Guess I'll have to get busy again.

There aren't much things I can harvest right now.
Only plantss that are growing like crazy are raspberries and blackberries.
Today I brought another 200gr (7oz) of raspberries and 600gr (21oz) of blackberries.
That makes almost 2 kilos of blackberries in last 4 days. They are turning black like crazy. I have to pick them every day and soon if we continue having this warm weather I'll have to pick the 2 times a day. If I leave them too long they turn white.
If this year continues this way I except around 30kilos (66lbs) of blackberries.

Now if only my tomatoes would start turning red I would be completely satisfied :D

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