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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tomatoes and wind

I used this nice but windy day to tend my tomatoes. All of them needed to be tied again and some of them needed to be pruned. Actually I should have done this way back but I didn't so now some of the suckers are big as the rest of the leaves.

On some plants that was a good thing cause I had a chance to leave suckers and cut down the branches that didn't look healthy. And on some of them it was just a classic pain in the butt.
Over the years I realized that Costoluto is one of the tomatoes that need to be pruned before they make big suckers. It's a tomato that grows like mad even without suckers. It's almost impossible to tame it, and with suckers it's even worse.

On the other hand Stupice really surprised me. We got the seeds this year and  I never saw it before. Aside from the fact that he has leaves that look more like potato leaves it has almost no branches, and it's growing fruits on suckers. So I googled around and the only reason I found would be the weather we had. Stupice is a very early tomato and it's his time to make fruits but he didn't have time(too cold) to make branches. So now he's producing fruits on small suckers. I didn't touch them so we'll see what will happen.

I have to say one thing about pruning that I saw people are confused on blogs/forums. DON'T prune determinant tomatoes.
I read about people pruning them and then complaining that they have just one branch. Most of determinant tomatoes are bush tomatoes. They need a lot of branches to make lot of fruits. If you prune them they will not make a bush and you won't get any fruits on them.
I explained pruning a year ago so If anybody needs details they are here.

I like determinant tomatoes, they don't need so much attention. Once they stop growing all you have to do is collect tomatoes.
My Glacier tomatoes are pretty big and since they are the earliest tomatoes we have guess they will be our first harvest.

Like I said it's really windy today. Wind is 50kph (30mph) with gusts up to 80 kph and of course a day like that couldn't go by without a damage in our garden...well better said in our balcony.
One of my balcony tomatoes fell down and it's pot broke.

And I don't have any more big pots. I've used them all and there is no more left. So my tomato got an ugly old plastic bucket.
I just have to say this tomato is balcony red Tumbler, also known as tomato for hanging baskets. Well this weird tomato is growing like mad and it's not a small tomato like they said. It should be around the same size as Balcony yellow F1 but it's much bigger that the yellow one.

(the one in the basket pot is Balcony yellow,the one in the ugly pot is Tumbler   and the big black tomato is Nero ☺ )

 I'm waiting for it to start bending it's branches but it's still too big to grow on balconies without any support. I hope the wind will not break other 2 plants that are in the balcony. They are in a metal pot and I can't take it of the fence. I tied them up till the wind stops.
I just love when the plants grow like crazy ☺


  1. I like the way you call in pruning tomatoes - we call it 'pinching out'. I often save these suckers and pot them up to give me extra tomato plants - is that what you do. Yours are all looking really healthy - shame about the wind - hope you don't get any more casualties.

    1. I save suckers when I don't have enough tomatoes or when bugs eat some of the seedlings. I didn't save them this year cause I don't have an empty place to plant them :)

  2. I remember when my mum said that I will have to pinch the suckers from the tomato plants as soon as they will appear. My plants are being grown in the conservatory and they are getting really big. I am not planting any of them outside as I want to have as many friut as possible. The wind, the hailstones, it is all too risky ;)

    1. oh I know exactly what you mean, I would be so happy if I could leave my plants in a conservatory or have a huge one over my garden. This way I can only hope there will be no bad weather.


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