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Friday, June 14, 2013

Sowing again

Yesterday I spent my day painting the fence. I have to say that I came to the conclusion that I would much rather dig for hours than paint it again. I managed to get sunburns on my back and shoulders even with a long sleeve shirt. Thankfully I spent all the paint I had so today I was able to return to my favorite job: gardening.

Guess what...again I forgot to plant everything. It's just unbelievable how I think and even write down everything that needs to be planted and always end up forgetting something. I forgot to plant kohlrabi. So today I had to plant them and I don't have any more room in the garden. In the end I planted them between my peppers in places that bugs made by eating my pepper seedlings.

I also planted some radishes

and more cucumbers

I said before that my Un metro ramp beans died so I planted some Wonder of Venice in their place. I had this beans at home from last year.

Instead of my beans there are Oxalis deppei growing under the net. I have no idea how they got here.

I have oxalis in front of my house but I never took them to the garden.

I also have a big bush of common soapwort( saponaria officialis). My mum got it from my grandma years ago and it disappeared a long time ago. Last year it came back and now it's growing like mad. I have to pull most of it out cause it's smothering plants that grow near.

Wind stopped yesterday and all my plants survived.

My Red basket of fire has little peppers.

I'll have to harvest our red currants tomorrow. They look really great already but I forgot to take my harvest basket with me so they'll have to wait till tomorrow.

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