2017 Harvest

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Slowly melting away

It's so hot here for the last couple of days that I lose the will to garden. It's 34°C (93F) in shade right now and all we can think of is how to stay in the house. Even Nero doesn't want to stay outside. All he does is sleep on the floor.
I'm having a really hard time with this heat.
I have headaches from heat that are almost unbearable. It's so funny they come around 1pm when it starts to get too hot and stay till 10pm. I could measure temperature from the intensity of my headache. It doesn't even help staying in cold and dark room. So I'm forced to do all my work in the morning.

This morning while it wasn't so hot(only 30°C in 8am) I went to pick up some peas. Or I thought I would pick them up. Yesterday while I was cutting grass for my bunnies I saw that some pea pods were ready, but I guess I was delirious cause today when I came to collect them it turned out that none of them were ready. So I went to the orchard to collect some fruits.
In the end I got home with this.

It's was a nice harvest. It will be enough for making fruit ice cream.
This warm weather is great for my flowers. They are growing like crazy, here are some random pictures from my garden.

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