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Monday, June 3, 2013

Sliding down my garden

Yes I'm not rolling anymore, I'm sliding.
It has been raining whole night (again) and getting in the garden is almost mission impossible.
But not to someone stubborn as I am. I just had to try. So I took my baskets(one empty and one with gardening stuff), hoe, rake, pitchfork, and a big blanket and went to the garden.
There is a big downhill from our house till the garden. Usually it's not a problem for me to get down cause I always have my swimming shoes.

But not after weeks of rain. I stepped down(even went close to the fence to have something to grab on) and fiiiiiijuuuuuuuu I just slid down the yard. And as I'm such a genius I didn't have a free hand so I could only grab the fence with my teeth :D I ended up leaning inside the flowerbed and bumping my hip on the fence.
The best part is it didn't occur to me to drop things...oh no I was still holding them ☺

(even left a slide on the ground)

It would be better if I didn't even try to enter the garden. I couldn't do almost anything. Everything is so wet, I just cleaned and dag 2 rows of beans

The rest of them were impossible to dig. I should also cover the potatoes with  soil but there is no soil...only mud.

So I went and covered my flowerbed with grass I scythed last week. I'm hoping this way I'll stop weeds from growing for the next 2 months so I'll have a clean bed when I'll be planting my seedlings.

 I also collected the rest of elderberry flowers. This ones were even bigger and  prettier than the last ones.

I don't even have to say I didn't go home the same way I got in the garden. I went around the yard. I got trough my columbines and the fence (bumblebees weren't happy with me snooping around)

Again I had to climb but this time it was easier. I could grab the fence since I was smart enough to throw half of the stuff up the hill.

Last year at this spot was a beautiful purple lilac but last winter it got pulled out by horrible snow blizzard. This is the first time this blank space was useful for something ☺
If the weather continues to be so twisted I'm getting myself a sledge...at least I will slide down the garden with style ☺


  1. That really is a steep slope - perhaps eventually you could put in some steps to make it a bit easier for you after torrential rain. It is a wonder all the soil at the top didn't end up at the bottom. At least all your veg will be well watered in.

    1. To be honest I thought about making some kind of steps but it would be too much work for me alone and hiring someone would cost me over 1000€ ...I'll have to find a way to fix this but still have no idea how :/

  2. Hi Leanan....I can just picture you sliding down the hill. I hope you didn't hurt yourself! So funny that you held on to both your baskets....now that's a gardener!!! I hope the rain stops soon so it's easier for you to get into your garden. Hang in there!!

    1. Thank you :) I didn't hurt myself (just a few bruises) but the most important thing is that my baskets are ok :)


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