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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Second pea harvest

I harvested our peas for the second time this year. I should be already done with peas but the weather threw us back for about 2 weeks so I'm picking them now. Again I harvested both peas and again I can't believe the difference between A. Wonder and Rondo peas.

As you can see Rondo (left pea pods) is normal size and almost over and A.wonder(right side pea pods) is really really small. I know this pea has smaller pods than Rondo but again they are really small, smaller than last year. I picked the nicest ones I could find to show their size.
Another thing American wonder should come before Rondo and this year it's growing slower than him. Pods are now filling up and I will have to harvest it at least 3 more times.

I harvested half of the bag and when I cleaned them I got 1 kilo(35oz) of pea.

 I didn't plan to but I had to harvest all of my lettuce today. It's too hot and it's starting to grow flowers. It's already really bitter so I can't eat it anymore. But my mum likes it so I took everything I could.

Do I even have to mention I forgot to take enough bags so I just stuffed my lettuce together with peas.
I got around 500gr (17oz) of lettuce

Remember my sick, poor, yellow cucumbers?

Well here they are. They woke up few weeks ago and now they are looking better.
(ignore the weeds ☺ )

They even have cucumbers on them. Soon I'll have to harvest them.

I also took one of our potato plants out. Just to see how my potatoes look. I've planted them on 19th of April and today they look like this. They will need another week maybe two and they will be ready for harvest too.

I thought about cleaning the weeds, as you could see there are lots of them but I didn't. I got in the garden today around 11am and the sun was already really strong. This is the result of 2 hours of gardening.

I'll slowly turn in to a red crab. My too white skin really hates the sun. Few minutes and I'm all burned. Guess I'll have to start gardening at sunrise.


  1. Don't know why I haven't been over here before - sorry!

    I hope we do as well as you with peas. Some of your heat would be welcome but not too much as I am like you and burn easily!

    1. You can take all the sun you need...we always have too much of it in summer :D


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