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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Planting flower seedlings

I've been planting my flowers whole morning. Maybe it wouldn't be so much work if I didn't have to dig my flower beds first. Since the soil didn't have enough time to rest I had a difficult time digging them.

In the new flower garden there is an old Forsythia that grows very weird. It is growing like a tree and not a bush. But the tree can't hold itself so I had to place a pole to hold it.

So today I've trimmed it down and from the rest of the branches I'll try to make a bush. I've stick some of them in the ground and some of them I'll place in the bucket with water. When and if they grow roots I'll place them around my tree to make a bush.

I'm planning to plant a circle of flowers and herbs around the Forsythia so today I've planted:

Lovage (Levisticum officinale)

Mint (Mentha)

and Spinach tree

On the lower flower bed I'm planing to place many tall perennials. There is still a part of the bed (left side) I didn't finish digging. Here I'll plant all the plants that are still too small for planting.

On the bottom of the bed I've planted a row of Hesperis matronalis (Dame's rocket) and Oxeye daisies (Leucanthemum vulgare)

And on each side of the bed I've planted Lychnis and Campanulas

On the top of the bed I've planted a mix of perennials (Alyssum, Aubretia and Lobelia) I didn't plan to plant them here but I didn't have another place to plant them so I planted them here.

I still have a lot of work in my flower beds but not today. It's too hot and it's Sunday. I think I can take rest of the day off for once. ☺


  1. I love lovage! I've seen a 2-metres high plant in some old lady's garden in my neighbourhood and I dream that my lovage will grow so big one day :)

    1. Lool 2 meter lovage...I really hope mine doesn't grow that big :D There are enough trees in my yard :D


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