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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pea harvest

We've had lots of rain yesterday and temperatures dropped about 15°C (20°C at noon).
So this week will be perfect for gardening. And there is really lots of work inside. My garden is filled with weeds.

 I thought I would do some weeding today but when I got to the garden I saw there will be other work. Yesterday was really windy day and my garden felt it.
We knew there will be wind so we gathered our balcony plants to save them.

But I never thought there will be so much wind in the garden. The garden is usually secured from wind but when I got in I saw this.

All my tomato plants were turned over. I thought there will be a lot of damage but luckily plants only fell on the floor...they didn't break.
So it took me lot of time to fix everything up. I still have to tie them up better but I didn't have enough ribbons with me so I'll do it tomorrow.

Potatoes are also turned over, but they'll be ok in a few days...potatoes like to fall when there is strong wind.

Finally I had my first pea harvest. I harvested Rondo and American wonder peas. Rondo peas are great. They have big pods and there will be lots of them in other harvests but A. Wonder will give little fruits this year. It was too cold when he should have grown and now there are only tiny pods on him.

From both of my peas I got 800gr (28,2oz) of cleaned peas.
I'm sure there will be around 5 kilos of peas in the end of the harvest...maybe even more.

I also got 500gr (17,6 oz) of raspberries.

Garden is finally waking up. Soon I'll have everyday harvest.


  1. Our summer raspberry plants seem to have died so no raspberries for us until the autumn ones are ready to fruit.

    1. They didn't grow back? I was really hoping they would. :(


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