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Saturday, June 8, 2013

My weedy garden

I really don't know why are people so obsessed with weeds. They remove every single plant that they didn't put there, they spray everything with poisons to kill every weed, they cut grass 2 times a week so it doesn't get an inch too big.

And that is not a new thing. It's happening my whole life.
What bothers me the most is that because of this madness for cleaning my garden is target for malicious comments.
It happened to me hundreds of times. Somebody comes to visit and when they look in the garden first thing they say is "oh you weren't in your garden recently, it's so untidy." or "why are there so many weeds"
It's a garden!! Not a freaking room you can vacuum 3 times a day!!

 I personally don't mind weeds. I only remove them when my plants get lost between them and I clean our garden paths. The reason why I clean them is that grass makes everything slippery and it's a problem walking around a downhill garden even when there is only dry soil.

So today I went to clean paths around my bean beds. Between 2 bean beds is a bed with beets and stem kale so I had to clean it up first. I really hate doing this. Plants are still small and most of the times I pull out beet together with weeds. Also there are this little guys.

I love ants but this guys are too nasty for my taste. They attack and bite like crazy so I run away from them. Still I think few of them found me cause my neck is all bitten and stings.

Bugs ate half of my beets, this is all that is left.

I've cleaned 2 paths

But I couldn't clean up the third, it's still too moist. When I stand on it the ground makes a strange moaning noise. When I was a kid I thought there were people in the ground moaning after the rain. I was terrified of that sound.

I'll have to leave this path for some other day. Only thing I removed was young Queen Anne's lace. I know some people love it but I'm really trying to get rid of it. One touch of it with my skin and I get terrible skin rash, and the marks don't leave for months. So I'm careful to pluck it with gloves.

I have a first fallen soldier in my garden. My "un metro ramp" beans are almost dead. There was too much rain and I guess it killed them. I don't think they get better.

After weed cleaning I had another thing I had to do today. I had to tie and cut our grapevine.

And when it comes to grapevine I'm a big dofus.
I don't eat grapes, I don't drink wine and I don't have a clue how to tend vines.

 So I do exactly what I'm was told. I just trimmed the top of the vine to a reasonable height and I tied all lose branches to the wires.
 I don't even cut the branches that don't fit anywhere. Somebody smarter will deal with them.

 I know now winemakers would fall on their butts when they would see what I did but I'm proud of my work. I did exactly as I was told :D

Since there was that nasty snake in the orchard yesterday(and she might still be there) I've sent my dad to pick up forest strawberries.
He brought a nice amount of them

He even brought a little bouquet of them. They look so cute next to my Nigellas

(2 red metal boxes are cookies...Nero's cookies ☺ )

He also had an idea how to get our tall flowers in order. He made me wire holders. He saw them in a store and 5 holders like that cost 70€ .

Luckily he's great with metal and in half an hour I had my new flower holders.
I think my digitalis and campanulas like them ☺


  1. I weed out only the excess of weeds, but I leave many of them, because I use them in many ways. For example, I dry stinging nettle and horsetail and then drink the infusion to have strong and beautiful hair :)

    1. Good idea :) we don't have enough nettle to dry it...It doesn't grow here (only the ones we planted)...guess I'll have to go nettle hunting :D


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