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Friday, June 7, 2013

Marabel potatoes...I don't think so

This year we bought Marabel potatoes, they even came with that little blue paper (vegetable passport).

I planted 5 rows and today I went to cover them with more soil.
I'm not even going to say how hard it was to cover them cause soil is all wet and sticks to the hoe.

While I was digging I noticed that my Marabel potatoes all look different.
So ether I'm blind and crazy or they sold me a bunch of mixed up potatoes and who knows if even one of them is Marabel.

There are at least 3 different types of potatoes  

And it's a big difference, there is no way these 2 potato plants are the same type.

I'm not even mad about it. It's becoming something normal to cheat people with seeds. Guess I can be happy that I didn't get cabbages instead of potatoes ☺

While I was cleaning the grass and weeds between potatoes I saw that forest strawberries are ready for harvest.

 Every year our orchard and meadow are filled with little red strawberries. They grow alone and every year there is more and more of them.

So I went to pick them up. I picked up a few and then I saw 2 beautiful ones. But when I wanted to pick them up...surpriseeee

I saw something round, black and scary.

Yes it was a little snake. She was sleeping next to my strawberries. I took 2 photos but then she woke up.
I did the only sane thing...I ran away :D

My strawberry harvest was pitiful...4 little strawberries ☺

While I was running from that awful scary snake I saw that red currants will be ready for harvest.

And blackberries have gone mad this year. I think they love this crazy weather. Every single flower turned it to a fruit. There are hundreds of little green blackberries.

I'm sure this little guys helped in making so many fruits too

My tomorrows assignment will be bean beads. They look awful. I don't mind a little grass but since it started raining it's growing like crazy. And it was too moist today to dig.

I hope I'll be able to clean it up since it's raining again.

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  1. I love your garden! ;) Keep posting this year 2016.... Best Wishes!


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