2017 Harvest

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Harvesting around

I feel like a parrot. I'm repeating myself all the time. When somebody asks what I'm doing the answer is always: weeding and harvesting peas.
Yes I had to clean the weeds again. Well I'm finished for now( finally) today I've cleaned last 2 beds and I got 2 baskets of bunny grass and 3 for compost. In total I've got 3 baskets of grass and 5 baskets in compost. It's really a lot of weeds knowing that I've cleaned the whole garden just 3 weeks ago.

My garden is seriously waking up. My raspberries are in their biggest fruit time .

Every day I harvest around 300gr (10oz) of fruits

Also my blackberries are starting. Today I noticed a first black blackberry

Now all I have to do is wait for the other 300 fruits :D

Tomatoes will be ready soon. And judging by the amount of fruits. It will be a good year.

Glacier tomato



First little pepper

I harvested my first cucumbers. 3 solid cucumbers. I thought of leaving them to grow more but they are starting to turn yellow. With the weather we had I'm happy they even look like that.

I also harvested peas for the third time this year. I got 1 kilo of clean peas again.

In the end I harvested my Lavender.

It's not as nice as the one that grows by the sea but It's still pretty and smells amazing.


  1. Wow! Your harvests look so great! Especially these raspberries - I'd like to eat a handful right now!

  2. Oh dear someone else with raspberries when mine have died!

    1. Lool you'll never get over that raspberries...I'm sure you'll have lots of them in autumn


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