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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gardening again

After a long time of rain I was finally able to get in the garden. My main worry were watermelons. This temperatures are too low for them to grow, so I decided to place a plastic cover over them till the weather gets better.

(damage from hail is still visible)

Last year we bought a cover with little holes so I used this one for covering watermelons, they will be able to breath under it and it should raise the temperature a bit.

Low temperature and rain is bad for almost all of my plants. Tomato seedlings that I've planted couple a weeks ago are very bright green

I had to remove my mulch cause there was too much moist.

Some show clear signs of too cold weather

And others that are still green have hail damage so they look sad too.

Only my "brainy tomato" (reisetomate) likes this weather

Peppers are still alive, I know that it's too cold for them but at least bugs stopped eating them.

Cucumbers are looking really bad, they are yellow. It's way to cold for them.

I have cleaned the peas and turned them to face each other, so now they will tie themselves together.

Lettuce from last year

My nigellas are blooming everywhere

Campanula is also blooming

I have picked up some roses for our vase...well only the ones that haven't been damaged from rain.

I haven't been able to do everything I wanted to do cause it started to rain again. I hope I'll have time to do everything tomorrow.

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