2017 Harvest

Thursday, June 6, 2013

First tomatoes but not mine :)

I'm already boring myself with my complaining about rain, so I won't even start cause right now I feel lucky. As it seems there will me flood in my country like in the half of the Europe and at times like this I'm happy we are on the hill.

My garden is still sleeping. There is still too much rain (this is the first sunny afternoon we had in weeks) and nothing is growing except grass and flowers.

After more than 5 years our yucca has a first big bud. It bloomed first year we got it but since then nothing. I hope it will bloom soon.

 White campanula has a first flower

 But the craziest flower right now are my nigellas. Everything is filled with them. And they are so tender and pretty I just had to pick up some.

I placed them on my desk so I could look at them all the time ☺

Today when my mum got from the supermarket I was happy as a baby. I just got my first fresh tomatoes this year.

Since our tomatoes are still very little we still have to buy them if we want fresh tomatoes.

Till now they were disgracefully expensive and that's why apparently nobody would buy them so they had to lower the prices.
 So today I got half a kilo of tomatoes for 1,3€ (normal price is 2,6€) and 3 bell peppers (300gr) for 0,6€ (price for a kilo is around 2,6€)
Green onions are mine ☺

 10 minutes after I got them out of the bag they were washed, and chopped. I made my favorite salad with them.

Ingredients:5 little tomatoes
                 1 bell pepper
                 2 green onions
                 fresh cheese

I just chop everything in small pieces, add salt and pepper and a small spoon of fresh cheese. I would add more cheese (it's even better with more cheese when it's almost creamy) but I get sick from too much cheese, so I put just a bit for "better taste."

I finished my bowl of salad in 5 minutes. I already forgot how tasty fresh peppers and tomatoes are ☺


  1. My tomatoes are swimming in the garden :( We have almost daily heavy rains so I'm praying that at least one tomato plant will survive.

    1. Hi :) I was just thinking about you yesterday...is your garden swimming only from rain or are you flooded like Czech? My geography is a bit bad so I don't know if Poland is in danger too.

      Sorry for your tomatoes :( They say it should stop raining soon...maybe it will stop there too :)


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