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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Battle with roots

It stopped raining this morning and since I can't get in the garden and I have to do something I went to dig in my new flower garden.
Since it's mostly covered with tree branches the rain didn't moist it so much and it was almost perfect for digging.
Did I just say perfect? I should have said perfect to kill someone.

The soil was good for digging but the moss on top was perfect to fall and roll around, and the roots...oh the roots...It's just unbelievable how many there are, every shovel one root. I had to take shears to cut them one by one.
I really felt like I was caught in that episode of Haven when they are chased by tree roots.

This is only a handful of roots that were inside.

Don't really know how long it took me to do it but I managed to finish first flower bed. The second one will have to wait till I finish with all of the garden work I have scheduled.

Since I can't get in the garden I took some pictures from the outside.
All of my beans are out.Guess they like this rain.

I couldn't take a good photo of my rows, but they look like they are drunk I really don't know what happened to me when I was making them (I swear I wasn't drunk) There are even parts where there is a whole bunch of beans growing (I don't remember throwing too much) ☺

Pole beans are also out. At least they are planted the way they should be ☺

Potatoes look good from here, but my cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers are too yellow. I guess it's just to cold for them (7°C/44°F in the morning)

Our subtenants are gone. They were here 2 days ago. I saw big birdies come in and out with food but today nest is empty.

They left me a gift inside. 2 little eggs. I'll store them to remind me of my ugly little creatures ☺

While I was digging I noticed something blue on the floor. I found half of eggshell. People say that when there is eggshell on the floor there is also a nest somewhere. I looked around and up the trees but I didn't find any.

I googled my egg and found that it's a Sparrows egg. We have a lot of them around but I never saw a nest.
Who knows what else I'll find ☺

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