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Sunday, June 9, 2013

2 basket girl

Last year I decided I will have a basket with things I need every day in my garden so I don't forget to take them.
I always carry some rope, a cotton yarn (for tomato seedlings), a seeder, scissors, garden shears, a knife, neopitroid( added this year for nasty bugs) and an envelope with seeds. In this envelope I have all the seeds I usually have to plant a couple of times (lettuce, carrots, beets, cabbages).

But this year I decided to add another basket.
I always have something to take in the garden or pick up.
Today I had to take 2 tomato seedlings. Yes more tomato seedlings. This 2 guys grew up in my lettuce basket and I have no idea what kind of tomato this is. So I decided to plant it in the garden and we'll see what will grow.

I planted them next to 2 empty poles. 2 of my seedlings mysteriously disappeared (aka. bugs ate them)

They still chew the weaker seedlings, I can't wait for them to get as strong as the other ones. Then they'll leave them alone( and eat my lettuce again)

When I went to water them I was shocked. I left my watering can EMPTY next to my big water bucket. Today it was full.

I knew there was a lot of rain this week but it must have been more than I thought to fill a bucket that was shielded with big pine tree

 I also had tocut down the old and dried flowers from my lilac tree. I should have down this almost a month ago but first I didn't have time and later I just forgot.

I really have a feeling my trees are making fun of my height...or should I say lowness.
All the flowers were really high so I spent an hour hanging from a branch and trying to cut flowers that were always 1cm higher than I could reach.
In the end I gave up. I cleaned only the parts I could reach. I left the highest branch.

I also had to trim 2 trees on our retaining wall. 20 years ago my dad made  a wall from tree logs. Well some of the logs decided they could still grow here.
So now we have a black locust tree and some tree "I don't now it's name" growing every year.

 We also have a hazel tree, but I don't cut it. I just give it a haircut and leave it to grow. We never have hazelnuts on it. Squirrels collect every nut before us but still I don't want to get rid of it.

Every year I feel like I'm leading a battle against this 2 trees.
The "I don't now it's name" tree isn't such a problem. It grows a bit, I cut it and everything is great for a whole year.
My problem is Black locust. It's worse than any weed. I cut every single branch off and In 2 weeks it will be ready for cutting again. If I leave it too long it starts growing new trees.

I even tried sawing off the top part of the log but damn tree starts making new branches on other sides of the log. So for now we play a game in which I cut the branches and locust makes new ones till one of us gets tired.
I have a feeling the tired one won't be him.

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