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Thursday, May 23, 2013

windy day

No painting today. It's been windy whole day and too cold for me to stand outside and paint.
I thought I would be able to do some things around the garden but as soon as I got in the garden I saw that would be almost impossible. A cold North wind is so strong my hands were frozen after only 10 minutes.
All I got to do was plant purple goosefoot ( chenopodium giganteum)

and more carrots and parsley( just to be sure I'll have some in the fall)

After I planted carrots I went back home. The wind was really nasty, even Nero didn't want to stay in the garden.

Before I got out I tried to take photos of my roses, They have started blooming. I had to take 5 photos just to get one that I could use.

Flowers are all on the bended from the wind.

Luckily I have tied most of the high flowers so I hope there will be no damage.


I really hope this crazy weather will stop soon. It feels like beginning of the winter and not middle of the spring.

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