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Friday, May 31, 2013

What to do when it's raining?Crochet :)

Raining again. It's unbelievable how much rain we got this month. I've been reading newspapers and they say that Sweden has temperatures around 30°C...uuum since it's 14°C here and raining I think weather man got sides of the Europe a bit wrong. Could somebody tell him to bring summer to Croatia??

Anyway since the rain is boringly persistent and there is no way to get in the garden (with a surfboard maybe) what do you do with your spare time...stick a hook in thread and twist it around :D

I love to crochet. Don't remember when I learned it, but I always loved knitted/crocheted things. And since there is no way to buy them here. Well there is but in really expensive stores where so called designers have their stuff, and I'm sorry but I'm not paying 500€ for a crocheted shirt just cause your name is supposed to be famous I had to learn to crochet.

I wanted to learn to knit too but never got the time to do it and I still haven't found a knitted thing I couldn't replicate with crochet so I didn't find it necessary.

I started out with simple things(scarfs, caps) then to shirts, sweaters with or without patterns.
So now when I don't have anything to do I crochet.
Few days ago I got 2 summer dresses (purple and pink one)

and since both of them are sleeveless I decided to make 2 ponchos.
Actually I thought I would make just one but then I found a pattern that I really like so I had to do one more.

I'm a sucker for purple/violet/lilac color so I had 2 different threads at home (both in purple shades)

First poncho I decided to make a "normal" one. Classic triangular poncho with chains

I'll just make 2 triangles and crochet them together. I really make pattern from my mind and modify it as I work.

Second poncho I'm making will be a bit different. I'm using a pattern I found online. It's basically a bunch of roses connected with spider web. I started making it and now I realized that they used a thicker thread then the one I have. So I guess I'll have to improvise later when connecting them to get "spider web look".
Flower pattern is nice and a bit different than usual ones and I really love it.

I usually crochet 2 tings at the same time. To break the monotony. This way when I get bored with making flowers I make chains and when this is boring me I make flowers.
Although I would rather be digging around ☺


  1. You are so talented! This is just amazing to me. I can't wait until the rain stops so I can see pictures of your garden!

    1. Lol thank you :) I'll be in the garden tomorrow( I hope) if the soil dries enough :)

  2. You had a very good idea what to do with your dress. I can't wait to see this poncho!

    I must say that we do quite similar things, because It's been raining in Poland for a week - and to spend some this enforced free time I'm completing my crocheted baby blanket that I began a few month ago.

    1. I think I'll finish it in a week or two :)
      Guess gardening and crochet go together somehow (roses here roses there). Hope you'll post some pics of the blanket too :)


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