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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Troubles never come alone

The hail damage wasn't so big as I thought it would be. Upper part of the garden has no damage at all...guess retaining wall, house and trees shield our garden more than I thought.

I'm glad it was shielded cause part of my beans are out. It would be such a shame if the hail damaged them.

It's funny how forest can protect and damage at the same time. I planted 4 rows of beans the same day and the ones that are on the sunnier part are all out and 2 rows that are in shaded part are still in the ground.

Biggest part of the damage is in the lower part of the garden.

Peppers have a lot of holes, broken leaves and brown spots, but at least they are still in one piece so they will recover.

Tomatoes cucumbers and potatoes look the same

Like I said before the hail was falling under a strange angle so there was a lot of damage on Clematis too. Almost every flower is missing petals, or they are filled with holes.

 I also have problems with cats. Annoying horny neighbors cats.
Our neighbor has cats, I don't even know the number of them, all female, all unsterilized. So every few months they start their mating season( yes every couple of months). I don't even want to lose time explaining the noise they make, I can survive it. What bothers me is that at this time all male cats from the village park their butts in front of our house and fight.
They fight day and night, making Nero furious(he rasped his paw on something while running around barking) and they don't even care if anyone is  watching them.
I like animals but this is becoming unbearable. We have a "greenhouse" without sides where we have our flower seedlings. It basically looks like a market stall, where our seedlings are protected from the wind, but have enough light and grow in normal climate.

But as it seems they are not protected from cats. Yesterday when we woke up our seedlings were a mess, all pots were turned, thrown down, plants were stomped. We could clearly see paws inside some of the boxes.

 others were squashed

This is just really pissing me off. I educate my dog not to make any damage, to smell flowers but not to eat them, to walk around the garden without making damage and then a bunch of horny cats ruin seedlings I'm nursing for almost a year. And the worst thing is I have a feeling they are mocking me, they sit 10cm from our door and don't give a f**k about me or Nero barking. I'm really tempted to just open our front yard door and let Nero teach them a lesson or two.

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  1. greetings Leanan, so nice to stumble across your blog :) i found your site in my research about tomatoes. i am so sorry them cats have destroyed your plants and caused so much grief! I know how you feel. I am in USA but also here in my neighborhood the stray cats are so many! I get so mad that neighbors feed the stray cats but don't vet them...and when weather rains all you can smell outside is that cat pee everywhere, yuk!
    I have cousins that live there in croatia :) Zagreb and Dragovci and Music Malla. my blog is http://nelsonjane.blogspot.com/


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