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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Those damn annoying bugs

Ok I'm declaring a war against bugs!!

It's unbelievable how vicious they are. Last few years we had an agreement. I plant, they eat 1/5 of seeds and everybody happy. But this year they have crossed the line.

I've planted 10 rows of lettuce and 10 rows of onions. Guess how many lettuce has grown... 3... only 3 rows, and not even whole rows.
I need a microscope to find the lettuce.

Same thing with carrots and parsley. They left at least some carrots, but parsley nothing, nada, zilch. I couldn't find a single parsley seedling

Pepper seedlings...on one part of the bed they are great, strong

On the other... There should be 30 seedlings of sweet pepperonchini.
There is only 14!! Yes 14, bastards ate the half of them.

Whole bag of seeds and all I have is 3 seedling (big bushes are celery)

And they are eating them has they grow. So I lost it and took Neopitroid bottle. I've dusted cabbage seedlings, planted a whole new bag of carrots, parsley, 3 bags of lettuce (Zagreb summer crystal and endive), and a bag of cabbages and before covering seeds with soil I've dusted the seeds as well.
Bugs made me do it!

I got all my anger out while I was digging the peas. At least they didn't eat them. Seeds were treated but I'm sure they tried to eat them too.

I picked up some of the last year lettuce and onions. This time I picked around 1,5 kilo (3 lb) to clean up a part of the bed.

Here I'll plant watermelon seedlings.
As they will grow I'll pick up all the rest of lettuce so they will have enough space.

My dad placed the rest of the poles so I'll be planting the second half of tomatoes soon. I think I'll do it on Monday if there will be no rain.

The little gift birdies left me in the mailbox is out. I have a mailbox full of ugly, featherless creatures with big yellow mouths. ☺

I know they will grow to be beautiful little birdies but they are so weird and ugly now they make me laugh when I see them.

Hope they will grow up soon. I'm getting tired of lurking around to hear if the postman will come to stop him from trowing mail at them. ☺


  1. Baby birds do look prehistoric but at least when they grow hopefully they will help with the bugs!

    1. lol I doubt it, we have a garden filled with birds, and still there are many bugs.
      They don't want to eat that nasty black cricket bugs :(


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