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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Scything around

I've been scything the orchard whole day and forgot my camera. Not that there would be much to see, just a bunch of grass ☺
Actually all I took with me was my scythe and a rake, I forgot everything else. I didn't even take a bottle of water and paper tissues with me, after 3 hours of scything I really regretted that.
I've scythed 2/3 of the whole orchard. The rest I left for bunny food.

I tried to gather some cherries. All I got was this.

At least there are many daisies around. I gathered the ones I had to cut and brought them home.

Once I got to the house all I could do is sit and observe our garden.
Only thing that pokes me in the eye is the bed with stem kale. I should clean it up but it's so moist I can't do anything on it for now.

While I was on our balcony I saw that 2 of our cactus have flowers.
One has pretty yellow flowers

And the other just started getting his pink flower crown

I think I'll spent the rest of the day resting.
Thankfully I planed to do some painting tomorrow so I'll be able to spend most of the time sitting. My leg hurts again and I've got 6 new blisters on my hands( collecting them like mementos), no more scything this week.

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  1. These cacti look wonderful with flowers! So tiny and pretty :)


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