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Friday, May 10, 2013

Replanting flowers

Guess what I'm still sick...my plan to fix up the front yard flowerbed didn't happen. Well at least I didn't do it. Today I woke up and saw that my mum already did everything I wanted to do.

She placed bricks under the fence (to prevent weeds) and planted tulips, hyacinths for next year

She also planted some Coreopsis

All I have to do now is paint the fence, but that will have to wait.

We decided to move the coffin in the garage cause we don't need it anymore, we still haven't planted all seedlings but they don't need to be inside anymore. This way we got room for our canna lilies

Since I can't do anything hard I spent my day replanting flowers. This year we have lot of perennials that we grow out of seeds and we will plant them for next year. To have them ready for next year we need healthy seedlings to plant them in the fall.
So I had to replant our little seedlings to give them more room to grow.

I replanted Solenstemon(Coleus)


Columbine "Pink Barlow" (larger seedlings) and columbine "Black Barlow"

Mexican hat(Ratibida)


Hesperis matronalis

Oxeye daisy

and mix of perennials

I also replanted L. Chaledonica(Burning love) and Campanula(Bellflower) but forgot to take pictures.
In the end I had a bunch of small and big pots with seedlings.

While I was finishing a thunderstorm was coming to us so we decided that we should leave our seedlings in the garage so they don't get drowned. Boy we were right, 5 minutes later it started pouring, we had a little river running down our stairs. My seedlings would be ruined if they were in the rain.
This spring showers are starting to get boring.

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