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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Recycled fairy house

For a very long time I wanted to make a fairy house but somehow I never got the time to do it. So I got very excited when I saw a post on "Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth" blog about how to use old soda cans to make a fairy house:  

Finally there is a way to recycle Nero's food cans.
So I got 2 of them(yesterdays lunch) repainted them and glued them on a brick/wood

I got some moss with soil and roots(faeries don't like suffering plants)  covered them and made a little stone path so the faeries could dance in front of the house.

I placed the blue one in front of my Columbines. They should like it here. It's quiet and nobody will disturb them.

When lupinus grows (sticks mark where they are) house will be fully protected ☺

 The red one went on the flower bed in front of the house.
I even added some kinder surprise figurines so they would have something to play with ☺

I hope they will like this recycled houses. I'll make them a big house for the backyard flowerbed but after I finish with planting it.

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