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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


This last few days we got more rain than in whole month. I can say I'm happy for it. I didn't have to water my pepper seedlings, and we got only rain. All around us there was hail but here only rain.

The thing I can't be happy about is that I'm sick again. I don't know where my immunity left but it's really frustrating. Again I'm down with high fever and there is a lot of work around the house.

My dad adjusted the fence a bit last week so there is more room for flowers in front of the house.

 Nero really likes to dig so everything has to be hidden behind the fence. I wanted to make a little brick wall under the fence so that weeds don't enter the flower bed, and plant muscari and tulips for next spring but I can't.

I should also take mulch for my pepper seedlings in the garden but it's still too wet.

Our flower seedling should be replanted, I think I'll do that tomorrow. If I'll be able to spent 1 minute without a paper tissue ☺

Guess my flowers really loved this rain cause columbines are almost ready to bloom.

 Iris is already blooming

And my gazania seedlings are growing very nicely.

 There is also a lot of work in the garden, weeds are growing like crazy.
Can't wait till I can breathe normally and do some work.

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