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Friday, May 24, 2013

Mulching and wind damage

Wind has slowed down this morning. Sadly yesterday didn't pass without damage. We can only be happy that this weather didn't continue.
The most damage was on our balcony. It's turned on the North side and the wind was terrible there.
Almost all of our balcony peppers(chili peppers) got frozen leaves. The temperature yesterday in the morning was around 8°C (46F) but I guess the wind made it much colder.

There is also some frost on mint 

and nasturtium 

It's a good thing our garden is secured with tall trees on both sides so I didn't notice any damage there.

Since I was scything few days ago today I had to mulch the tomatoes with the grass I scythed.

The grass is dry so today I gathered all the grass and placed it around tomatoes and watermelons.

While I was mulching stupid crickets were jumping around me like crazy.

I hate them! I hate them! I just HATE them!
They are the reason my seeds are disappearing, why my seedlings are dying and why half of the leaves are eaten.
They are so ugly even the birds don't want to eat them :(

 Speaking of birds we had an accident in our little bird family. I noticed a few days ago that there were two birdies that weren't in the nest with the others but in one of the corners of our mailbox.
I thought they were hot and got out, today I noticed they were dead. I don't know if other birds threw them out or what happened. I removed them and now we only have 2 birds inside.

Birds that actually look like birds.
Also there is a lot of eggs that didn't hatch. I'm waiting for the birds to leave the nest to steal them :) I don't think they'll want to take them when they move :)

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