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Friday, May 17, 2013

Kombucha and Water kefir

It's been raining the whole day so I can't do anything outside, and there is no work in the house ( apart from everyday cleaning and cooking) so I took some extra time to take photos while preparing my kombucha and water kefir drinks.

Now some of you will think that this is that yucky mushroom thing and stop reading ☺
actually it isn't

Kombucha tea is a fermented tea made from tea(obviously), sugar and kombucha bacteria and yeast(scoby). 

Many people will say that it's for immune system,preventing cancer, and for better liver function. I'm not a scientist so I can't claim that. What I can say is that it works like a body detox and can be used as a way to clear constipation.

Also some people say that they felt ill from it. Well the fact is you should be very careful with it. You can't drink it like water or of course you will end up sitting on your toilet the whole day ☺ 

Preparing Kombucha tea:

Kombucha tea is easy to prepare. When you have your kombucha scoby(we got our as a gift) you just need to "take care" of it.
Kombucha needs a tea and sugar for fermentation. It likes green tea the most.

I prepare it this way. Cook 2 liters of tea(my scoby is big enough for 2 liters).
I mix green tea and wild berry tea. You can use whatever mix you want (except mint tea). I tried green tea and rose hip but I didn't like the taste.

But that's really my problem. Kombucha tea tastes a lot like wine, and I hate wine. I can't drink it. So I needed something to make it taste like juice.

I place 4 bags of green tea and 4 bags of wild berry tea and add 8 spoons of sugar (4 spoons for 1 liter/1 qt).
Yes it's a lot of sugar but scoby used 80% of sugar for fermentation so the drink itself is almost sugar free. 

Cool down the tea(leave it till it's room temperature) and all you have to do is  place your tea inside the glass jar(don't use metal ones) add scoby with some tea from last time( few spoons of fermented tea) cover the top with gauze and leave it for week or two.

How to tell that your tea is ready? Simple, when the tea is ready it has a vinegary smell and it makes bubbles like champagne.
When it's ready strain it, cool it down and it's ready for drinking.

Don't drink more than 2dl(one cup) per day, one cup is more then enough for you.

If you want a drink you can drink gallons of it the whole day long then you need water kefir.

Water kefir( Tibicos, tibi, Japanese water crystals) is a fizzy probiotic drink. I drink it every single day cause it's delicious, refreshing and healthy.
It's bacterial yeast culture that helps boost immune system(like every probiotic drink), it helps in cleansing intestinal of bad bacteria, reduces bloating...

Actually water kefir has the same benefits like milk kefir. Then why bother making water kefir?
I drink it cause recently I've developed lactose intolerance. It's funny cause when I was a kid I could drink a gallon of milk, enormous amounts of yogurt and felt great and recently I can't drink even a cup of it without having stomach problems. 

That's why I love this kefir. It's grown on water so there is no milk that bothers me, also I can drink it instead of a juice and since I'm on diet I'm careful not to drink sugary drinks.

Making water kefir:
Take your water kefir grains(they look like somebody cut jello to small bits to me)

and place them in a glass jar. Add 4 spoons of sugar on 1 liter(1qt) of water, add some raisins or any other dried fruit(plums, cranberry...) and one lemon(lemon can be replaced with oranges, pomegranates, grapes...),

 fill jars with water( some say it should be water that was boiled first and cooled down but there is no need for that)

Leave it for 24 hours.
When the drink gets fizzy and loses sugary taste strain it.

 Cool down your drink and drink it. You can add syrup before drinking it to change the taste. With only lemons it tastes like fizzy lemonade and it's my favorite ♥


  1. Hi! :)

    I love water kefir! I used to drink it everyday - I've written 'used to' - because currently I'm pregnant and my doctor advised me not to drink it during my pregnancy :( But, I'm going to drink it again later :)

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog!

    1. Hello!

      I didn't know you shouldn't drink it while pregnant. I guess it's because it's a detox. :)

      Thanks for the follow and congrats on the baby :)


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